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A Guide to the 12 Steps of AA A Guide to the 12 Steps of AA

Provides an explanation, in everyday language, of the underlying principals of AA.
This pamphlet explains a simple, short and concise interpretation of the rules for sober living as compiled by the earliest members of AA.

AK3 $1.00
A Manual For Alcoholics Anonymous A Manual For Alcoholics Anonymous

A simple guide for beginners and sponsors with many practical suggestions. It gives the newcomer a practical explanation of what to do and what not to do in the search for sobriety and tells the sponsor their duties.
Includes an early definition of Alcoholics Anonymous; detailed instructions to the sponsor and to the newcomer in the hospital; and meetings.

AK2 $1.00
AA - A Simple Program Simply Explained AA - A Simple Program Simply Explained

A reprint from July 1948's Hygea Magazine, published by the AMA. A Chicago pamphlet.
"To some of us the word “alcoholic” presented a problem almost as great as our abnormal drinking. Our picture of the alcoholic: The stumbling creature of the skid roads of our bigger cities; the town drunkard, half clown, half bogy man, of our smaller communities; or the hapless, hopeless, desperate “repeater” of the state and private hospitals, the “cures”, the workhouses."

C02 $0.75
AA God's Instrument AA God's Instrument

The text of this pamphlet was written by the Jon T. as the talk he delivered Oct. 5, 1943, to mark the fourth anniversary of the Chicago AA group. The anniversary program, which consisted mainly of John’s remarks, was presented at a regular Tuesday night open meeting for group members and their wives or husbands. At that period of the group’s history there was only one Tuesday night meeting and the meeting place was the auditorium of the Central YMCA, at 19 South LaSalle Street.

C05 $0.75
AA is A Tender Trap AA is A Tender Trap

Sobriety alone will never supply an alcoholic's need because sobriety can never stand alone.
What comes after we put down the last drink?
Chicago Historical Pamphlet

C08 $0.75
A.A. Meeting In A Pocket Front Cover AA Meeting In A Pocket - Anniversary Edition

Handy way to have a meeting anytime anywhere. AA meeting readings all in your pocket.

Pocket sized booklet with 12 steps, 12 Traditions, AA Preamble, Serenity Prayer, step prayer and many other readings from our AA literature.

C-23 $1.00
Acceptance-The Way to Serenity and Peace of Mind Acceptance-The Way to Serenity and Peace of Mind

Since its first publication over four decades ago, Acceptance has shown the way to serenity and peace of mind for millions upon millions of readers. In its own simple and modest way-with not too many words, and not too few-Acceptance makes a difference.

11007 $1.25
Alcoholism and the AA Program Alcoholism and the AA Program

By a doctor from the Chicago Metropolitan AA Group. A look at the disease, along with the Steps of recovery. Includes alcoholism and the personality, physical aspects and recovery of alcoholism.
Historical Pamphlet

C09 $1.00
Dr. Bob's Last Major Talk Detroit, MI 1948

This transcript of Dr. Bob?s last talk is an insight to A.A.?s co-founder. He tells his story and stories of the early Fellowship in Akron, Sr. Ignatia, and the days before the Big Book and the Twelve Steps.

AK26 $1.00
Impressions of AA Impressions of AA

By the Chicago Group 1940's
"How then did we arrive at the conclusion that we were alcoholics? First, let us briefly define the term as we understand it. An alcoholic to us means an abnormal or an uncontrolled drinker. It is not so much the amount or the frequency of drinking as it is the effect of the drinks consumed."

C01 $0.30