CASA Chairperson

Chicago Area Service Assembly (CASA) Chairperson

The CASA Chairperson presides over the Chicago Area Assembly.

It is the duty of the Chairperson at an Assembly Meeting to:

  • Open the meeting at the appointed time, having ascertained a quorum is present.
  • Announce in proper order the business that comes before the Assembly.
  • Recognize members who are entitled to speak.
  • State and put to a vote all questions that legitimately come before the Assembly as motions and to announce the result of each vote; or, if a motion that is not in order is made, to rule it out of order.
  • Expedite business in every way that is compatible with the rights of members.
  • Respond to inquiries of members relating to information bearing on the business of the Assembly.
  • Authenticate by his or her signature all acts, orders and proceedings of the Assembly.
  • Declare the meeting adjourned when the Assembly so votes.