Bridging the Gap Committee

Bridging the Gap Committee

Bridging the Gap (BTG) is the Temporary Contact Program of AA. This ad hoc committee works with HTF to help bridge the “gap” between the treatment facility and the AA group or meeting during the initial journey of sobriety.

An AA member who volunteers to be a BTG Temporary Contact and accepts a specific request is available to meet the patient upon release from treatment and attend up to six meetings in two weeks.
The BTG Coordinator matches those leaving treatment with a Temporary Contact on the basis of gender, zip code, and age group whenever possible.

The vital 12-step work of BTG includes: visiting the patient before s/he leaves the facility, providing AA literature, going to different kinds of meetings (especially one immediately after the patient’s release), introducing the person to other AA members, and ensuring s/he has a beginner’s kit and contact numbers. As a Temporary Contact you do not serve as a sponsor but you are encouraged to carry the message and help guide your prospect to select a sponsor and home group.

Requirements for BTG volunteers: You have at least 1 year of current, continuous sobriety; you have a sponsor and a home group; you are familiar with the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions.

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    Bridging the Gap (BTG) Volunteer Form

    When a patient or person recently released from a treatment facility wants help, we offer them the opportunity to have a member of BTG contact them directly and help them connect with other AA members by attending AA meetings together. We have a list of BTG volunteers located in many different zip codes. If you would like to be on this list, please fill in the information below. The minimum sobriety requirement is one year. We always match the person asking for a 12-Step call with someone of the same gender so be sure to specify if you are male or female.

    You will be contacted by the BTG Coordinator who will send you a Welcome Packet and information about BTG Orientation Workshops in Area 19.
    Note: We must have your name, gender, zip code, telephone number and email address or we will not be able to add you to the list.

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