Accessibilities Committee

Accessibilities Committee

The purpose of this special committee is to:

    1. Support the work of individual A.A. members and groups endeavoring to ensure that those with disabilities and other accessibility concerns, including those who live in underserved or remote communities (including language districts), have access to the A.A. message.
    2. Review services provided by A.A. groups to A.A.s with accessibilities issues.
    3. Upon Group request, advocate for and support individuals with accessibility challenges.
    4. Make recommendations for changes and/or improvements.


Membership on this committee is open to any interested AA member.


Click here for general information on how to make your AA meeting accessible to all.

Need a Meeting with ASL Interpretation?

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Closed Captioning?

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Need a Wheelchair Accessible Meeting?

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Meeting Wheelchair Accessible?

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New blind AA member?

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