Here's How Editorial Board

The purpose of the editorial board is to oversee the publication of Here's How, the area newsletter.

Policies regarding the newsletter (such as frequency of publication, subscription base, financing, content, and so forth) shall be the responsibility of the editorial board with the concurrence of the Finance Committee. The editorial board has the option of taking any differences with the Finance Committee to the Chicago Area Service Assembly for final resolution.

The editorial board shall consist of six member of AA selected by the Chicago Area Service Assembly. Each member shall serve a two-year term beginning January 1, with half taking office in the odd year and half in the even year. Three new members will be selected each year to succeed the three retiring members.

Nominations for board membership shall be taken from the floor at the September meeting of the Chicago Area Service Assembly, and voting shall occur at the November Assembly. In the event of a vacancy, a replacement may be elected to fill the balance of the term at any regular meeting of CASA where there is every opportunity for presenting all available candidates. The only qualification for membership is a desire to assist with the publication of Here's How.

The editorial board may use any method of its own in selecting its chairperson and alternate chairperson. The chairperson of the editorial board or a designated representative shall present a report orally and in writing, at each regular meeting of the Chicago Area Service Assembly.

The editorial board shall select a managing editor, who is responsible for the ongoing publication of Here's How. No one shall serve simultaneously as a board member and as managing editor. The managing editor reports to and is under the supervision of the editorial board.

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