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Welcome to the Area 19 Delegates Page

From The A.A. Service Manual, “Delegate – The man or woman elected every other year to represent the area at the annual Conference meeting in New York and to bring back to the area the results of that meeting.” (S19)

The Chicagoland area, as Area 19, sends a delegate to the General Service Conference (GSC), which is the decision making body for Alcoholics Anonymous in the United States and Canada.

The Delegate’s Page contains information from the Area 19 Delegate for all Chicagoland AA Members.

Pre-Conference Forum

Save the Dates March 29th, April 10th, April 13th

We encourage all Area 19 AA Members to attend a Pre-Conference Forum to provide feedback to our Area Delegate on upcoming agenda items at the General Service Conference in April.

Pre-Conference Forum Registration

Pre-Conference Forum Flyer

Pre-Conference 2021 Forum Talking Points

71st GSC Final List of Agenda Items (English)

71st GSC Final List of Agenda Items (Spanish)

71st GSC Agenda Items Back Ground Information is for AA Members only and is treated as confidential.

***Confidential Information – Members Only ( Click here) – Password Protected


Delegates Reports

Delegates Report – January 2021 CASA


Delegates Sharing Session

Next Session –

Our Delegates wants your feedback Big Book Presentation –  View Video


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