Add a New Group

Use this form to create a new meeting/group to be listed in the directory. If you have changes for an existing group, please use the Change Group or Delete Group form. You can also get a copy of this as a pdf to print and mail in.

Meeting Name and Time

AA Traditions suggest that a group not be named after a facility or member (living or deceased), and that the name of a group not imply affiliation with any sect, religion, organization or institution.

Meeting Location

(ie: Enter on side, meeting in basement, etc.)

Listing Information

Do you want your group/meeting listed in the Directory?

Do you want your meeting listed in the National Directory printed by the General Service Office in New York?

If your group is closed, do you have a monthly open? If so, when?

Do you want your CLOSED group/meeting listed on the Web? (Open meetings are listed automatically.)

Does your meeting have literature?

Additional Info
Meeting Contact

While you must have a contact to be listed in the directory, groups must have a registered Group Service Representative (GSR) in order to be officially registered with the Chicago Area Service Assembly (CASA). The number of officially registered groups will determine the number of voting delegates to CASA from your district. Each group is allowed one GSR and one alternate GSR.