History Of Chicago Alcoholics Anonymous

Chicago AA, which was the first area to have its own central office, has a long history and extensive archives.

September 1939: First AA group starts in Chicago

History of Chicago AA

January 1971: Bill W dies

Following a long illness, Co-Founder of AA, Bill Wilson was laid to rest in East Dorset, Vermont.

August 1967: Dorothy Garland Retires

Dorothy Garland, having joined as the Assistant Secretary in August of 1946, and having succeeded our first secretary, retired. The entire MRC paid tribute to Dorothy for her service to Chicago Alcoholics Anonymous.

October 1962: Earl T dies

The Chicago group lost its first sober member, Earl T. His passing marked the beginning of the end of the era of the founders of the Chicago Alcoholics Anonymous Group. Earl had been sober for twenty-five years and five months.

May 1955: Central Office Moves

The Chicago Central Office moved to 250 W. Wacker. Although the office relocated several times within the building, the address remained unchanged until December of 1996

February 1955: Chicago AA Incorporates

Finance Committee announced the incorporation of two not-for-profit corporations, one called Alcoholics Anonymous and the other called A.A. of Chicago Inc.

February 1951: First Chicago Delegate to GSO Elected

With Bill Wilson in attendance, Luke H. was elected as the first Chicago Delegate to the General Service Conference. The Alternate Delegate was George T. Both were elected unanimously, and without opposition

November 1950: Dr. Bob dies

The nurse in attendance stood by his bedside. Co-Founder of AA, Dr. Bob lifted his hand to the light, and with a final confirming glance he spoke, “you had better call the family, this is it.” Following Dr. Bob’s death, Earl T. was chosen to replace him as Trustee of…Read More

February 1950: Chicago Daily News articles published

The Chicago Daily News ran a series of seven articles about AA.

January 1948: Grace Cultice Dies

Grace Cultice, Chicago’s longtime secretary, friend, confidante, and inspiration, passed away.