General Service Representative (GSR) *(Airtable version)

General Service Representative (GSR)

What is a General Service Representative?

Each AA group may become involved in the AA service structure as a whole by selecting one of its members to be its General Service Representative (GSR). The GSR is the link between the individual AA group and AA as a whole. The GSR is the voice of the group’s conscience, reporting the group’s views to the district service committee. The GSR also reports the group’s wishes to the local Area assembly and–through the local Area delegate–to the General Service Conference.

How is a GSR chosen?

Each AA group in the Chicago may use any method of its own in selecting its General Service Representative and alternate GSR. The GSR and the alternate GSR serve for two years commencing January 1 of the odd year.

A GSR may be chosen at a group’s regular election where there is every opportunity for presenting all available candidates from the group. Since new GSRs keep AA vital and productive, it is suggested that GSRs not succeed themselves.

Each GSR (or alternate GSR) should have AA experience, stability (usually at least two years of continuous sobriety), and the time to perform this service for his or her group and district.

A group shall elect a new GSR to represent it at the district service committee and the Chicago Area Service Assembly when its GSR becomes the chairperson of the district committee or the chairperson of a standing committee.

What are the GSR’s responsibilities?

Each GSR is a member of the district service committee for the district to which the group belongs. As a member, the GSR is obligated to attend district committee and CASA meetings.

Each GSR shall present to his or her group a report of what transpired at each committee meeting.

Each GSR should register with the Chicago Area Service Office (CASO) and with the General Service Office (GSO) in New York as the mail contact for the group.

One unique aspect of Chicago AA is its lack of “intergroups,” which serve in other AA service areas as an intermediate level between the individual AA group and the district. The reason for this difference is rooted in Chicago AA’s history and geography.