Delegate to The General Service Conference

The Chicago area, as Area 19, sends a delegate to the General Service Conference (GSC), which is the decision making body for Alcoholics Anonymous in North America.  The activities of the Chicago Area GSC Delegate shall be in conformity with the General Service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Candidates for GSC delegate should have considerable years of sobriety and significant AA service work experience. Candidates should also have the time to engage in AA service activity required of this position.

  • The duties of the delegate include, but are not limited to, the following:

  -  Attend the General Service Conference in April prepared to vote intelligently on matters affecting AA as a whole.

  -  Report back to the area on matters discussed at the General Service conference.

  -  Cooperate with the General Service Office in obtaining information about Area 19, such as the membership survey and current GSR registration.

  -  Provide AA leadership in solving local problems involving AA Traditions.

  -  Visit groups, districts, and service committee meetings whenever possible, being sensitive to area needs and reactions.

  - Assume added responsibility if the area chairperson and alternate chairperson are unable to serve.