Chicago Area Alcoholics Anonymous Website Policy

 Chicago Area Alcoholics Anonymous Website Committee Charter

 The purpose for the website committee is to ensure that the Chicago Area 19 website (chicagoaa.org) adheres to the stated purpose of the website, to perform committee activities and to ensure that the web site complies with the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and the General Service Conference guidelines.

 Website purposes:

 1)      To serve as an internet based information resource for still suffering alcoholics, AA members, professionals working with alcoholics, the media and the public at large.

 2)      To provide a searchable meeting directory for AA meetings in the Chicago area.

 3)      To provide information to the still suffering alcoholic about AA, the nature of alcoholism and AA contact information.

 4)      To provide detailed information regarding the activities of AA and CASA in the Chicago area and links to broader information about AA as a whole.

 5)      To provide information on service opportunities and encourage volunteering.

 6)      To provide information about the purpose and activities of Chicago Area Service Assembly (CASA) and Chicago Area Service Office (CASO).

 7)      To provide an online bookstore and accept donations from AA members.

 8)      To provide the online privacy policy.

 Website Committee Activities to support the website:

 1)      The website committee is comprised of a chairperson and volunteers that work with the CASO Manager and report to CASA.

 2)      To ensure that the web site is in compliance with General Service Office (GSO) internet guidelines (http://www.aa.org/en_pdfs/mg-18_internet.pdf).

 3)      To identify and provide policy documents to be approved by CASA such as the privacy policy and website acceptable content.

 4)      To provide periodic updates to CASA of committee activities.

 5)      To identify functionality shortcomings of the website and ensure its ongoing ability to be an informational resource.

 6)      To provide day to day oversight of website with the CASO Manger.

 7)      To review site content for accuracy on an ongoing basis.

 8)      Links to other websites are not permitted unless allowed in the acceptable content guidelines.

 9)      To ensure acceptable website hosting and DNS infrastructure with the CASO Manager.

 10)   To recommend and hire consultants when needed to perform advanced activities required to support the web site objectives. These services are subject to budgetary oversight by the Finance Committee and CASA.